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Meet Our Pastor


Mt. Olives Pastor

Patrick Isabirye

When you become faithful in everything you do and work hard, God determines to choose you

even when you are unaware.  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

 I thank God for the way He has guided me and groomed me to the office of a Pastor, something I never expected. I realized that when you become faithful in everything you do and work hard, God determines to choose you even when you are unaware.

After accepting Jesus as my personal savior way back in 1992, many things happened. First of all I had failed to continue with education. The moment I accepted Jesus, is when I got opportunity for open doors for my education. 

Along the way, with much participation in church work, like in choir, youth groups, and missions, it exposed me to the local church leaders as well as the other pastors in our locality. This helped much to study various ministerial work since pastors trusted moving with me, yet growing deeper in faith and getting grounded in working for God. For years I was appointed to various positions of service in the church, which grounded me more in understanding God and having passion for ministry. It is surprising that the more I served in those various capacities, the more I loved God and ministry. 

I developed the love for people. I started feeling for them. By moving to meet people of different categories and those going through different situations made me to feel sad, driving me into prayer asking God to help them come out of such situations. I at times prayed prayers which would put me into a position to be the answer for people’s questions, something I could not understand what it meant. Sometimes I could spend time visit the sick, the vulnerable, the needy, the hopeless, to mention but a few. I could also spend time with the elderly, the desperate, the saddened, the unprivileged, confused, and people of all sorts of depravities. I fell in love with the street children getting to know how they survive, who takes care of them, who is responsible for their health, what form of families they come from, what perspective they have towards life and the world, and many other related concerns.


In a bid to pray asking God for intervention to help His people, took me closer to people with a desire to see what God can do, how He can do it and how His people could praise Him after attaining something better in life. I loved so much to see how people get excited when they are transformed from bad to good, good to better and so forth. It was always my goal to show people that God can do something for them in whatever situation and circumstance. It was my zeal to show people that something can be done when we involve God in whatever situation. I used to say this over and over driving people into prayer and encouraging them to pray for themselves. God was very faithful in that as I prayed, people used to witness, seeing things coming into reality. In doing all this, little did I know that God was preparing me to become His vessel for His people and minister as a pastor of God’s church one day. The desire for helping God’s people continued to grow inside of me with an intention of seeing people being transformed to the knowledge and wellbeing in line to God’s intended purpose. It is the drive behind all that I do in my leadership and it is always what I always ask God to help me that I may always see it among the people that I lead. 

Ideally, all my actions are based on a Christian philosophy. This means I look at the Bible as the final word from God having all guidance in all that I do. I acknowledge Jesus as a Son of God who came to save all man-kind and therefore without Him, there is no salvation. Such a philosophy compels us all to walk in reverence to God who created us and who is coming again to take us. Not only that but He is the one who has full control of us and without Him nothing can ever be.  In this philosophy, it is not that we only confess and it ends there. It goes further to the extent of examining how one behaves. The actions of a person are very important if Christianity would be of any importance to him/her. Therefore, because of the respect one has for God, it drives that person to do well to others. Such ideology brings peace among people even when they are of different backgrounds. 

As God drove me all through the channels of church service, the first position I held was as a local church Youth leader. Thereafter, I was elevated to the position of a notional Youth leader in our church connections. I underwent some training where I was appointed the Director of the national Lay Speaking Ministries under our church connections in Uganda. This position took me into another training to become one of the National trainers in the Pastors’ Licensing School, something which made me travel various parts of the country visiting churches, monitoring pastoral work in those churches, looking at church growth both spiritually and numerically, advising both pastors and church leaders at national level on what to do to have healthier church congregations and so forth. It influenced me into new innovations like Computer literacy, driving, learning of new indigenous languages from different parts of Uganda, being awarded numerous certificates of merit and appreciations, to mention but a few. Furthermore, because of the commitment in all that I have been doing, I started

Yei  River Primary school in Yei town, Southern Sudan, the biggest primary school in that region when I helped to buy twenty acres of land where the school now is built. I also helped to buy land in Banga, Mukono District, for a displaced community of fishermen and later on constructed a Primary school basically to help the children for this community go attain education. I also help a Primary school in Kamekye, Palisa district, to have a VIP Latrine with an aim of maintaining Hygiene in the school. I have been able to look for friends to help communities have clean water by constructing Boreholes in places like Dandila, Kyetume, Banga, Arua, Kiryantama in Fort portal, Namboote in Namutumba District, Kamekye in Palisa, Wanyange in Jinja, and many other places I have forgotten. 

Furthermore, I realized that young people were not continuing with education even after their secondary education. I initiated a sponsorship program for students both in Secondary and Tertiary Institutions including Universities where through the church, we managed to sponsor over forty students in various fields up to Masters Level. I helped to start women’s empowerment centers in Wanyange – Jinja, Lwaniha, Namayingo, Nampirika, Iganga, Bulumba, Kaliro, Dandila- Mukono, Kiyuya- Bugerere, and Arivu- Arua. In these centers, women come to fellowship but also to learn skills in tailoring, catering, child development, healthy issues etc. They are also sensitized on HIV, Human rights especially for women and children, and are taught business skills including entrepreneurship and saving.

This has been possible because of commitment towards seeing a change in our communities. As I was doing all this, more responsibilities were placed on me and it caused me to be shifted from one position to another. I was first a Youth leader in a local church in Jinja. Later I was elevated to a District Youth leadership position which pushed me to becoming a National Youth leader in our church. After which, I was appointed a National Director for Lay Speaking Ministry, ministry that empowers the laity in church to stand anywhere at all times when the pastor is not there.  Later on I was appointed to train for Pastors’’ Licensing school, where I was appointed one of the trainers of Pastors’ Licensing School in East Africa Annual Conference in our church. Later on I was sponsored for Theological training where I acquired a BD and later a Masters both of them at Uganda Christian University – Mukono. I was the Director of Uganda Christian Solutions, an Organization that helped students to go to school. I was the Director of Denisar with a Mission, an organization that helped people to become Computer literate. I am the Secretary General of Wesleyan Covenant Association, an organization which is restoring sanity in the United Methodist Church in the whole world by standing against same sex marriages and the need to create transparency in the church. I am Pastor of Mt. Olives Community Church where am serving the people of the community of Dandira in Mukono District.  I was the Director of Missions in our church. After attaining training as a counselor and Entrepreneur from African Bible University in Uganda, I am practicing Christian marriage counseling. I was a Member of Indimugezi News Paper which was published at Bethel Training Institute in Jinja. I have organized many evangelism crusades and workshops in the different parts of the country. I have been guest speaker at different gatherings ie workshops, seminars, conferences, to mention but a few. 

I have not written much but among the publications I have ever made include research project like Attitude toward Development projects among Pentecostal church Youths of MukonoMunicipality, Crop production for House hold economic development, a case study of Buwongo Parish Namutumba Archdeaconry in Busoga. Some books are: A pastor as God’s spokesperson, The Dynamics of a successful mission, The secret of succeeding on the Pulpit, Effects of compromise in leadership, Etc.


I was awarded certificates appreciation from Wesley Primary School- Banga, and from Central Division, Mukono Municipality, For participating in various seminars and workshops, etc

In conclusion, all that I have achieved does not mean am at the end of it all but i believe that, through God, more is yet to be done in Christ our Lord.


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